Gone For Good adheres to the highest levels of security in the industry. We are members of NAID and the SDA, and our operational policies and procedures ensure a consistent closed chain-of-custody.

Today, proper destruction of sensitive materials is more important than ever.  Recent State and Federal legislation requires organizations to take an active role in preventing unauthorized access to their sensitive information.


To guarantee the security of your documents, Gone For Good ensures that:


  • Your documents are accompanied by at least two individuals at a time.
  • Throughout the entire transportation process your material is kept in locked containers within secured trucks equipped with real-time GPS, tracking, and laser sensor alarm systems.
  • Your material remains locked until it is staged in our secure facility and is monitored by 24-hour, continuous surveillance throughout the entire destruction process.
  • Your documents are co-mingle with documents from other companies to maximize security then shredded at 5/16 of an inch, exceeding the industry standard and eliminating any possibility of reconstruction.
  • Gone For Good conducts full background checks on all employees.

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